Photography is my paintbrush.

What began as a high school romance has blossomed into a full blown love affair. Having a camera in my hands and being able to capture things that I think are beautiful has allowed me to share how awestruck I am by this life and what is in it.

Travel, Culture, Music, Words, Colors and Textures are some of my most favorite things.....oh and did I mention food!
All of these are subjects that I enjoy photographing.

In May 2008, I graduated with a M.Ed. and was involved in a creative based program. At the end, I participated in a collective art show which is when I first shared some of my photographs. They were so well received and I was encouraged by my classmates to keep going. Art is everywhere. Beauty is everywhere. This world is full of exquisite details that are so overlooked. My intention is to capture them and share! Enjoy!